Sapphire SMP

Sapphire SMP Season 1 is currently closed. Don’t worry we will be back soon with season 2. Season 2 will be a fresh start and our first public season (application required for all new players) and will have new and improved features.

What we plan for Season 2:
– Server will be open for public applications. (Applications will be open in the next few days via our website)
– Fresh world with only a spawn building. (This means there will be no prebuilt shopping district or nether hub)
– Voting system. (To help get our name out there you will be able to vote for the server. There will be no voting rewards)
– Support for ViveCraft
– And more
– Temp suspension on cross platform support for bedrock

If there is anything you would like to suggest for this season please feel free create a ⁠🎫-support ticket on our discord server or send us a message on X.